About Dr. Blondie

Hello and welcome!

I began this life blog on January 1, 2008, as a reward for finishing my PhD program. Seriously. I needed a new hobby. And let's face it. Blogging is much more fun than academic writing!

I've endured joys and sorrows since I penned my first post, and many of my experiences are chronicled here. Two big trials of these past few years stand out--infertility and pregnancy loss. But, by God's grace, I have grown in faith and He carries me through the tough times. I am blessed beyond measure. The biggest joys of my life are my husband, Brad, and my baby boy, Mason, both of whom you will get to know by reading this blog.

Becoming a mother in September of 2011 changed my life in glorious and unexpected ways. I left my career in higher education to be Dr. Mommy full-time and it was one of my best decisions yet. In addition to my two favorite guys, pictured below, I love reading, writing, running, cooking, and gardening, all of which are themes on this blog. Oh, and I'm a bit obsessed with using proper grammar. If you find grammatical mistakes on this blog, please don't tell me--it would keep me up at night.

Thanks for stopping by!