Thursday, October 10, 2013

little friends

Mason's been calling several of his friends by name for a few months now, but it's only been in the last month or so that he's started saying the word "friend", quickly followed by the word "fun".

I love seeing him with his little friends and watching them discover the world and each other. This love is quickly turning me into the type of mom who hosts her child's friends a good bit. I don't mind the mess or the chaos. I like getting to know the people my boy asks to spend time with.

Mason's in a new weekly play group with four other children whose birthdays all fall within two months of his. The group meets one morning a week and the hosting duties rotate among the five members' mommies. That means that one morning every five weeks I will host five two-year-olds in my house, but on the other four weeks, I have three hours of freedom! What on earth will I do with myself?

Last year's play group was probably more fun for me than Mason, as I enjoyed the regular weekly time hanging out with women I might not otherwise would have. But these kids are growing up. They don't need all the mommies at play group anymore. And a portion of a morning "off" a week will be a treat, although I'll probably spend it getting groceries. Woo hoo!

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