Thursday, September 5, 2013

a relentless coach

Thanks to the generosity of five sweet friends, I have the most awesome jogging stroller, yet I haven't taken Mason out for a run in well over a year. (We use the stroller nearly every day, though, for walks and getting around our neighborhood.) One morning recently when Brad left early, I decided that my big boy was ready for a run. I got Mason up, changed his diaper, threw his pajama-clad bottom and some breakfast into the stroller, and off we went.

Yes, I was pushing more weight, but the run was so much more fun now that Mason's talking. He narrated our 30-minute excursion:
"Mommy, I see moon!"
"Two doggies!"
"Big trucks!"
"Two trucks!"
"Two busses!"
"Excuse me, car."
"Excuse me, doggie."
"More milk."
"Bless you, May!" (after he sneezed)

And my personal favorite, from my unsympathetic, relentless coach when we would stop for traffic or slow down the slightest bit:
"Go Mommy!"
"Run Mommy! Run Mommy! Run Mommy!" (chanting)

Mason's chattering was entertaining and his badgering kept me going. Maybe I need to take him on runs with me more often.

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