Wednesday, August 21, 2013

wild about water

What is your preferred mealtime beverage, Gentle Readers? Iced tea or lemonade? Soft drinks or Kool-Aid? Except for an occasional alcoholic beverage with dinner, I drink Crystal Light. But that's only because Brad makes the Crystal Light and sets a glass in front of me. On nights when he's gone, I find myself sipping water from my trusty pink Nalgene bottle, which is never far from my side all day long.

It's not that I dislike soft drinks or tea, but I haven't drank either one enough to get into them. I'm not a coffee drinker and too much orange juice in the morning gives me a stomach ache, so I usually avoid it altogether. I abhor milk. I don't crave Crystal Light, so why do I drink it when water's clearly the better choice?

This realization brought about a new experiment. As of this past Sunday, I am only drinking water with meals (with the exception of an occasional glass of wine) until I crave something else.  I am curious about whether I will eventually long for a beverage with more taste and if so, how long water will suffice. Brad thinks I'm weird for being content with water all day long and for every meal. I tell him I'm lucky--how often is one completely satisfied with the healthiest choice? I certainly don't prefer salad over pizza. (I wish I did!)

I am wild about water. Are you?


Mrs. said...

If you have a smartphone, you should try the "Waterlogged" app. I just started it, but it tracks how much water you drink.

I sip on my Nalgene all day too and didn't realize how many ounces I was drinking.

Amy- Taylors East said...

I'm tea with cream in the morning, water for lunch, (occasionally coke with lunch on the weekends), and then milk with dinner. I'm the opposite and love milk. I've always had milk with dinner since I was a child, and never stopped. I've heard good things about all of those water-flavored capsule things. Crystal light it too sugary (tasting) for me; so if I do Crystal light I only do a little bit.

rainsthoughts said...

I only drink water, unless we have something special with a meal (like fresh lemonade or oj). I don't like coffee, soda, or flavored waters. My parents were very strict about what we drank growing up: it was either fresh milk, fresh apple juice or water. I do the same thing with Cadet: milk or water unless we have something special.