Tuesday, August 27, 2013

first year at home

The anniversary of my last day of full-time employment outside the home has passed. I can hardly believe I've been an official SAHM for a year. Here are several things I've learned this past year.

1. I am a more patient mother than I ever thought I'd be.
I still consider myself an impatient person with most aspects of life, but with Mason? The Lord showers me with patience every day. The whining, the pestering, the nagging, the disobedience, the tantrums, the hundreds of other little things toddlers do (or won't do) that can drive one mad, not to mention the general lack of productivity compared to my life before parenthood--well, I rarely lose my crap with any of this. Maybe I'm just used to it now so it doesn't bother me.

2. I am a more creative mother than I ever thought I'd be.
On the fly, I've come up with all kinds of tactics to help days with my little guy feel more peaceful. No, I'm not creative in the sense that I come up with tons of crafts or neat projects (see #3), but I believe I am creative in  how I engage Mason, especially when I'm trying to avoid triggering one of his tantrums or when I'm encouraging him to eat something he isn't crazy about.

3. I am a SAHM who is rarely at home.
I err on the side of taking Mason on adventures rather than staying home and playing or crafting. Perhaps this will change as he gets older and can sit still for longer to color or create something. But for now, we both enjoy tearing up the town and experiencing all that DC has to offer. I am incredibly thankful to live in a quaint, walkable city neighborhood with lots of parks and things to do. And you can't beat free swimming pools, museums, the zoo, and all the neat activities and exhibits that come through DC.

4. I still shower, get dressed (in something besides yoga pants), and put on make up each day.
I can count on one hand the number of days this past year that I haven't showered, put on make up, or gotten dressed, and most of those days were when someone was sick. Why, you ask? See #3. I see people (besides my son) every day. Plus, I just feel better about myself when wearing real pants and some make up.

5. Personal tasks have taken a back seat.
Until staying home with my toddler, I never realized how many personal tasks/errands I completed on my commute to/from work, over my lunch hour, or, to be honest, at work after I'd finished my real work for the day. I used to stay on top of Facebook and the hundred or so blogs in my feed reader each day. Now? HA! A couple times a week, I'll catch up on my favorite blogs, which are mostly those written by friends, but sadly, many of the rest are routinely checked "mark as read" just to clear them out of my reader. It takes incredible energy and persistence to post somewhat regularly here, but even this blog isn't what it used to be. I keep it up because I love writing and keeping track of what we're up to. But my content used to go much deeper. This blog has been a wonderful place for me to process all sorts of issues--family struggles, infertility, pregnancy losses, etc. I certainly still struggle in those ways and others--I just don't have time now to really reflect on let alone write about them coherently. Maybe one day I will. But for the foreseeable future, you'll still be reading about my gardening efforts and outings with Mason.:)

6. I truly savor these days, even the challenging ones.
My worst day at home with Mason still trumps my best day at work outside the home away from him. I love this season of focusing on my family and I do not regret for one minute any of the financial, career, and personal sacrifices it requires. I am beyond blessed, and so thankful for how God provides for our family.

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Allison said...

Happy at home anniversary!