Monday, August 19, 2013

construction all around

Mason has been blessed with some free entertainment this summer, right from our front window. The elementary school across the street from us has undergone a complete renovation.

view of a cement mixer from our front window

The project supposedly ends tomorrow as school begins next week. These workers have literally been working around the clock to finish on time.

an endless parade of trucks

I will miss this construction project. It's provided endless fascination for my son. Surprisingly, we have not been at all inconvenienced by the equipment or noise. The school's facelift freshens up our block. And a school that feels "new" will be such a blessing to the students and staff, and perhaps one day to Mason if he attends there. Yes, this summer of watching this project unfold has been a win.

Although most days I could do without the hammering next door at Bea's house during Mason's nap time, that renovation will be worth our short term inconveniences. And the huge demolition that will soon occur to the DC government buildings right behind our home will surely provide some interesting equipment and activity for Mason to watch. We are surrounded by construction, but thankfully, at least one member of my household truly enjoys and appreciates it.

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wee said...

I have to recommend a video series... Mighty Machines. If he loves to watch big things move, you will LOVE it! And it isn't a cartoon or any weird thing - just machines moving.