Wednesday, July 31, 2013

my may

Mason has been saying his name for months, but he outright refuses to say the last syllable. He says plenty of multi-syllable words and even brief three or four word sentences and phrases. But when Wyatt of Super Why (Mason's only and favorite show) says, "Say your name" at the beginning of every episode, Mason turns to me with a beatific grin, points to himself, and exclaims, "May!" and no amount of coaxing can get him to add the "son".

I find this situation ironic. Before my ongoing trials of infertility and pregnancy losses, I always thought I'd have a May baby. I wanted a May baby, for no other reason than May is one of my favorite months. Well, years of heartache have taught me that I am not one of those women who can decide when her children will be born. Instead of giving me that May baby I always thought I'd have, the Lord gave me a September baby, who calls himself May.

The definition has changed, but in a sense, I still got my May baby.


Jennifer said...

Love this!

Allison said...

So sweet! And my son only says the first part of his name too.