Thursday, July 25, 2013

creative container gardening

I walked past a home only a few blocks away from mine and saw the most adorable container garden in the front. The vintage wooden wine boxes sprouting herbs and vegetables carefully arranged on a wooden pallet caught my eye.

Then I noticed the tomato growing out of a cinder block!

And then, and perhaps my favorite container of all, I noticed that the gardener had split a globe into two pieces and used them to hold herbs. You can see one half of the globe on the right side of the photo below. The other half is behind the wooden pallet.

This garden is neat and tidy and perfectly arranged with a creative use of containers and stands. It brings me joy just to look at it!

What are the most creative garden containers you've used or seen? In my hometown (which is Small Town, USA), it is not at all unusual to see discarded toilets with flowers growing from the bowl and tank adorning front yards. (And then of course that yard gets selected as the "yard of the week" in the small town newspaper, with the toilet's picture right on the front page. I promise I am NOT kidding.) I think I prefer the globe and the cinder block.

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Doctor Blondie said...

Hi Other Blondie!

I've got flower pots made out of re-used tyres, they still look like flower pots (for indoors). I have seen tyres used, in Africa.