Tuesday, June 4, 2013

too much texting

As usual, I am slow to embrace this trend, but now that I've started texting, I just can't stop.

Who knew that text messages are stay-at-home-moms' primary means of communicating with each other? I sure didn't! I rarely texted for business purposes with my colleagues at UMD. But text messaging is how I conduct my business as a stay-at-home-mom. Every afternoon while I am doing chores during Mason's nap time, my phone blows up with texts from friends about how naps are going, which park sounds most desirable that day, and where and when we should meet. It takes no fewer than six text messages back and forth to coordinate a single play date. Make it a group text between several moms, and you've just racked up at least 15 messages on your statement. Texting is the only way that I can secure a babysitter these days--these potential sitters take too long to respond to email inquiries, if they respond at all.

Pretty much all of Cooking Thyme's business is conducted via texting: ingredient drop-off logistics, recipe modifications, and childcare arrangements. What's the common denominator between my "business" as a stay-at-home-mom and my "business" as a cooking teacher? I don't share physical space with my colleagues. We need to communicate, usually last minute and on the go, and texting is the perfect method, as not everyone has easy access to email via the phone.

So what's the problem? When I got my first iPhone in 2009, I signed up for 200 texts per month for $5. For three years, this plan was perfect as I never got close to hitting my text limit, but now, I exceed it every month and end up paying $.10 per text over 200. I'm not quite at the point to purchase the unlimited texting plan for an additional $15 per month because it's still cheaper for me to pay the overage charge per text. It's only a matter of time, though. Brad, who used to text me each night as he left work, now calls and lets it ring once to signal that he's leaving.

Are you a text-a-holic? What kind of business do you perform via text messaging?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I (and McRuger) are huge textures. I text back and forth with him during the day. I text with my mom, the babysitter, mommy-friends, and family. We don't have an unlimited plan, but we rarely go over...I'm not sure how!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Texting is my favorite way to comminicate. It's fast and easier to work into life than a phone call. Last year when my phone blew up with sorority business, I had to get the unlimited plan. But now I feel more freedom to text all the time now.

My pet peeve though is a group text with people I don't know. If you are going to send me a text with people I don't know, you need to introduce them or make it so that one cannot reply all. Ugh...I have one friend who does this at least once a week and it drives me UP A WALL!