Friday, June 7, 2013


Another Capitol Hill institution has been decimated by fire: Frager's.

I am in shock, much like I was six years ago when Eastern Market burned.

Why do our hearts grow attached to brick and mortar? The employees and patrons escaped without harm. Granted, the employees are without jobs for now, but still, they are alive and safe. But the loss of the three buildings and everything they involved--the wide range of inventory, the convenience of an all-inclusive hardware store on the Hill, the charm of the narrow, packed, floor-to-ceiling aisles--is devastating.

The General Manager claims the store will be rebuilt, and if this occurrence is anything like what happened with Eastern Market, the community will rally behind him and support this endeavor. But Hill residents are already bemoaning that Frager's won't be the same. Will they really rebuild the same floor plan, with aisles too narrow for a stroller to fit? Won't it take decades to find all the little gadgets they sold, let alone to restock the crammed shelves? What about the friendly and helpful staff--how long can they wait without a paycheck for their employer to return?

I must admit, I disliked going inside Frager's with Mason--too crowded and crazy with a toddler. But now that it's gone, I long for those confined spaces and overflowing shelves. I, too, fear that Frager's will lose its old school charm during its rebuilding.

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Carol C said...

I had heard that Matchbox was willing to hire any Frager's employees until the store could be reopened. I don't know what kinds of hours they'd get, but it was an alternative mentioned on the news.