Thursday, June 13, 2013

bye bye blue

My next-door neighbor Bea has the most gorgeous, gargantuan, hydrangea bush in her front yard with blooms the perfect shade of blue. This bush is more than 35 years old and she does absolutely nothing to it--no water, no fertilizer, nothing. I fight envy as I labor to keep my fledgling pink hydrangeas alive in the back yard--three years in and I still haven't turned them blue! Oi vey.

Well, after growing up and living there for 35 years, Bea just sold her house--in a hot minute for a hefty sum-- to a developer, who will clean out, gut, renovate, and resell it ASAP. Let's be honest--this is a good thing for Brad's and my home's value. But Bea has been a kind neighbor, and I hate to see her move. I dread long days ahead of hammering, drilling, and other construction noises that will interrupt Mason's nap. And I fear for this beautiful bush's life. Will it survive a complete overhaul of the property? I doubt it. I would beg the developer to give it to me, but where on earth would I put it?

I intend to enjoy these idyllic blooms this summer and pick them to my heart's content. (Bea gave me permission to take as many as I'd like!) This poor bush may not live to see another blooming season!


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

I bet you could cut it way back and transplant it to your yard! I think you NEED to do can we let such a beauty go?

Lisa said...

Just a hint for your hydrangeas. They love water. They will soak up every bit of water that they can find. It really is impossible to drown them. I grow them near down spouts on the gutters and next to air conditioners.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I'd at least ask for a cutting. It's really easy to propagate.

And as far as turning your pink one blue- look up soil acid amts required. Hydrangeas love acidic soil. DC has pretty acidic soil- they would be white otherwise. But you can always add used coffee grounds (which you can get free from any Starbucks if you don't drink coffee at home) to the soil. Tomatoes love acidic soil too.

Hope that helps! And by all means, ask for a cutting! I can't imagine anyone saying no to that!!