Monday, May 13, 2013

strawberry picking

Last year, to celebrate my first Mother's Day, we started a tradition of partaking in a fun family outing on Saturday of the holiday weekend. The zoo was last year's adventure. This year, I decided to put my boys to work by taking the family strawberry picking.

Schlagel Farms in Southern Maryland was awesome--very kid friendly and only 23 miles from our home.

Mason could pick the berries, but he preferred to throw them in the box. When he lost interest, he simply ran up and down the rows.

We ended up picking 8.7 pounds of berries, which was much more than I needed. I made a strawberry pie as soon as we got home, and soon realized we had picked enough berries for about 15 pies. Oops!

Does anyone have any favorite strawberry recipes to share? I have about a week to use about eight more pounds of strawberries.


Becky Fleeson said...

check out some of these recipes! Mostly sweets but some other ideas too! I love berries!

Amy- Taylors East said...

I would freeze a bunch for smoothies or other recipes later in the year and/or make this easy jam -