Wednesday, May 15, 2013

hanging baskets

Hanging baskets on my deck are a necessity for me, even though few people see them and the space is 100% shaded all day. Impatiens are the only flowers I've found that bloom vibrantly in full shade. I prefer the New Guinea impatiens because of their bold colors and large blooms. Anyway, I share all of this because instead of paying $10 or more (sale price!) for each hanging basket this year (I buy four), I assembled my own, for probably about $4 per basket. 

I saved the baskets I bought last summer--they held up well and can withstand another season, I think. I replenished some of soil and took advantage of Home Depot's sale on New Guinea impatiens a few weeks ago.

I only planted one flower per pot, but if my experience with New Guinea impatiens holds true, they will grow to fill the pots quickly.

I actually like how the arrangements look right now--clean and not too crowded--so even if the plants don't grow that much, I am satisfied. And enjoying four hanging baskets for a total of $16 is worth it!

Do you have a gardening bargain story? Are hanging baskets a must for you, too?

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