Friday, May 3, 2013

Gravelly Point

Within the past couple of months, Mason has become obsessed with trains (choo choos), helicopters, trucks, and airplanes. He first fell in love with helicopters, probably because we live so close to the United States Capitol and multiple helicopters fly over our house every day. Within a minute of waking up each morning, he asks to see an airplane. His naive belief that Brad and I can provide anything his little heart desires is quite endearing.

A friend suggested I take my airplane-obsessed boy to Gravelly Point, near Reagan National Airport, so off we went last Saturday. It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm, spring day with clear skies and tons of planes, and my boys were overjoyed! Between the boats in the Potomac River and the planes overhead, Mason could have stayed there all day. It was truly a little boy's paradise.

And at Gravelly Point after every plane passed over us and Mason signed eagerly for more, Brad and I could say with near certainty, "Only two more minutes!"

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Red Stethoscope said...

Aww! Adorbs! Take him to the Air & Space museum out by Dulles too. You can watch the planes take off and hear the air traffic control communications.