Monday, May 20, 2013

collecting a toddler urine sample--FAIL

At Mason's one-year check-up, the nurse said she needed to collect a urine sample to test Mason's blood sugar among other things. I said, "How in the world do you collect a urine sample from a baby/toddler?!"

Allow me to present exhibit A.

She placed this bag over my boy's jewels, adhered it to his inner thighs (the white part is sticky like a bandaid), reattached his diaper, and we went on with Mason's appointment. The problem? Mason had an explosive dirty diaper, which contaminated the sample when the bag was removed.

At his 15-month appointment, he didn't urinate enough for testing. At his 18-month appointment, we forgot all about collecting his urine until it was time to leave. The nurse sent me home with three sample bags and instructions. She said I could easily collect Mason's sample at home and drop it by the office for testing.


Wouldn't you know it that I went through every one of those sample bags and STILL didn't collect what was needed? I wasted two bags when I attempted to attach them by myself. Mason yelled, kicked, and thrashed like his life was in danger as I gently and quickly tried to lift and tuck his privates into the bag, whose opening is much smaller than it looks. The third time, Brad held Mason down, but it still didn't work--the bag loosened inside his diaper and we lost the contents.

So now I am holding out for his two-year check-up--only a year late--when I can rely on professionals to collect this sample for me. I will remind the nurse about it as soon as we walk in and I will pump Mason full of water while we're there. I'll even give him juice if I have to. We will not fail this time!

Has anyone else encountered a pediatrician who collects a urine sample from a one-year-old? None of the other mommies in my circle had heard of this. 


Red Stethoscope said...

I also have never heard of this, but can't stop myself from laughing. A baggie + toddler to collect urine sounds like the worst idea ever (as you have proven). I wonder if they can't get what they need from blood results. Certainly a finger stick would give them glucose count, and unless they suspect a UTI or kidney issue, I wouldn't think they need urine.

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Oh my goodness! What a pain! I don't recall ever having to do that. L. did need a urine sample once to test for a UTI but he was older and potty trained so it was a bit easier. I don't mean to scare you, but wait til you have to get blood drawn--I'm still traumatized.

Amy- Taylors East said...

Never heard of this..neither child has even been asked to do this. I would just refuse and call it a day.

kerryandtorey said...

we have never experienced this either!

Maka said...

We had this when Kara was maybe 6 months old. If you think a boy is hard try a girl - less directional parts! We had the dirty diaper issue the first time and got a good sample during her shots. Good Luck!!!

Diane Mannina said...

This is so strange. If it was me, I would sit by the bathtub each night with a cup. For some reason, B always decides to go almost the moment we first put her in the bathtub. But it sounds like you're fine waiting for the pros to do it... ha!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I've never heard of that but they ask me to do something similar to my dog at the vet. And I always laugh. I mean, are you kidding me? There are things that are possible and things that are not possible. And for both dogs and babies...that just seem totally impossible.


Bob Brinkman said...

I myself have heard of this because this process was done to my 15mo daughter Friday. It took 2hrs & 3 tries for them to actually get a urine sample. Turns out it was "contaminated" so now I have to go back into the office tomorrow morning & try again.

Collecting a toddler's unrine sample by the "bag" is a #FAIL for us too!