Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 National Book Festival Authors

This must be a record. I never remember the author list for the National Book Festival being published before summer, but here it is! Just by name alone, I recognize more authors than I did last year. Once the bios are up, I'm sure a few more will jump out at me.

Who am I most excited to see? Hands down, Veronica Roth. I recently got into her YA Divergent trilogy. What a great opportunity for Roth to plug book three's release on October 22nd--not that she needs to! (If you haven't heard of this series, it's similar to The Hunger Games, but different enough to keep it interesting. Most importantly, for me right now at least, these books are pure entertainment and quick reads.)

Which authors on this year's line-up stand out to you?


Mrs. said...

OHH -- I'm excited too!! The Library of Congress and this event is actually a client of my firm, so I'm always torn between attending and working. Three years ago I went with my mom and sister and got to meet Jodi Picoult, so I've been been working the past few years. But this year it is a toss-up, as I'd love to hear Veronica Roth and a few of the others. Maybe I'll try to do both.

Book Festival is really one of my favorite days (or two, now) in DC!!

Stephanie said...

I have read both books in the Divergent trilogy and can't wait for the third to be released! Bummer we don't live in DC anymore, but I can't wait to hear all about you seeing her!

Jen V said...

I saw on the Today show this morning that Roth is going to be on the show tomorrow plugging her new book. Then, they went on to say she had her first book and movie deal before she graduated from college. I feel a bit like a slacker. :-)

I hadn't heard of this trilogy, but I need some summer reading!