Wednesday, April 3, 2013

pretend goodbyes

For more than two months now, Mason has been in the most adorable stage of pretending. He cooks--and tastes--his pretend dinner as I prepare our real dinner. He waters the plants every morning with his empty water cup. He reads stories to his stuffed animals. He picks pretend flowers on our living room floor and gardens in my herb bed, sprinkling imaginary seeds all over.

Watching Mason's imagination explode is both thrilling and tender, but his most recent pretend game nearly breaks my heart.

Mason saunters into the kitchen, usually while I'm cooking dinner. He plays for a bit, and then makes a huge deal out of saying goodbye. He waves and loudly says "buh bye" over and over and over until I catch on and respond with the following:

"Oh, are you taking a trip?"

"Where are you going?"

"Have fun!"

"Travel safely!"

"I'll miss you!"

"I love you!"

"Will you please come back to visit?"

He always responds "yeah" to my last question, runs off, and then returns about five seconds later, only to begin the charade again.

My sweet boy dreams of one day being independent enough to go someplace on his own, which is a very good thing, even though it kind of tears up my heart to contemplate the day when he will leave me.

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