Monday, April 1, 2013

kites and eggs

We swung by the Blossom Kite Festival on this past gorgeous Saturday and now I long to do two things: learn how to fly a kite and reread The Kite Runner.

We also dabbled in Easter festivities/activities, which resulted in a realization about myself that I've long known but have never admitted: I am not a "holiday" person, meaning that I just don't get into them. Yes, I can plan and prepare a holiday meal, which I enjoy doing. But pressure me to buy perfect gifts, come up with novel crafts, partake in expected visits and outings and you will find me stressed and unhappy. Our egg dying effort flopped. (I remember shoddy dye jobs from childhood. Why are eggs so hard to color?) We missed the two Easter egg hunts/celebrations in our neighborhood because they both fell right during Mason's nap and I refused to sacrifice my boy's sleep (and the rest of our day with his inevitable bad mood). Easter Sunday was cold and rainy, nixing our idea of creating our own outdoor egg hunt in the shadow of the Capitol. (How cool would those pictures have been?) For the second year in a row, we struck out in the lottery for tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll.

But we did have two successes. Before we took Mason downstairs on Easter morning, we read him the Easter story from the bible and then, for the umpteenth time, we told him about Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross for us. Then, we praised and thanked God for his mercy on us, who in no way deserve it. After the prayer, Mason signed for "more". We said, "More prayer?" He said, "Yeah." So, we prayed a little longer. And, per Mason's request, we prayed for Duckie (his duckie lovey) and Blankie, too.

Then, we took Mason downstairs where he embarked on an egg hunt all over our first floor and had an absolute ball. He totally got it and found every egg that we hid. This was the first real fun he's seemed to have on a holiday, making it downright enjoyable for Brad and me, too.

My holiday motto from now on? Keep it simple and focus on the true reason for the day. Stay off of Pinterest. Avoid friends and acquaintances who are holiday divas. I will never be able to keep up with them, and I will never be happy trying to.