Thursday, April 11, 2013

blossoms or bust

The cherry blossoms peaked two weeks early last year, and this year, they're late. Brad, Mason, and I braved frigid wind last Saturday morning to check the status of the trees, most of which still boasted closed, purple buds. The weather was a little warmer and nicer on Sunday evening when we went back, and we saw three or four trees that had bloomed, so we made sure to get a picture.

In Brad's and my 12 years of living in DC, I don't think we've ever missed seeing the cherry trees in full bloom, but this year may be our first as we all leave town later today for my brother's wedding in Colorado. I braved the crowds again on Tuesday morning with a friend and five children in tow (three of them under age two!), and we were happily rewarded with lush, pink blossoms as far as we could see.

But Brad had to work, so he missed out. Now, I'm plotting on how we can squeeze in a quick trip to the Tidal Basin on our way to the airport later this afternoon to get that much desired family picture at peak bloom. What I go through for these fickle beauties!

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Susannah said...

Have fun!! Congratulations to your brother.