Wednesday, April 24, 2013

first haircut

Mason made it 19 months and 3 days before getting his first haircut--not bad!

BEFORE: armed with thumb and blankie
DURING: sobbing and as stiff as a board with fear, which made it easier for Hanna to get the job done quickly
AFTER: still recovering
Mason was so upset that I didn't even have time to get emotional. And although I miss his shag au natural, in reality, his new do isn't much different. It's shorter in the back, but still shaggy on top. However, he can see better now, so that's a great thing!

Did the first haircut traumatize your little one, as it did mine? How long did you put off that first haircut?

Monday, April 22, 2013

time for a haircut

I couldn't resist--I had to see if Mason had enough hair for pigtails before we lopped it off. And now I have a faint idea of what he would look like as a girl.:)

Friday, April 19, 2013

winter wonderland

While those in DC last weekend experienced idyllic spring temperatures and the last of the noteworthy cherry blossoms, Brad, Mason, and I ventured into a winter wonderland. I will admit that before we arrived in Vail for my brother's wedding, I was fighting feelings of bitterness at having to leave a much anticipated beautiful weekend in DC with my favorite blossoms at their peak for cold and snow.

Except for Mason's recurrent vomiting (which happened AGAIN Wednesday night/Thursday morning, in his crib of all places, yuck), we really had a great weekend. I hadn't been to Colorado since my unfortunate experience on the slopes, and I am happy to say that Vail did NOT get the best of me this time! (I stayed off of skis and snowboards--that's probably why.) Brad and I snuck away for a couple of hours while the grandparents entertained Mason and we took the gondola to the top of the mountain and enjoyed fabulous food and views. It's much more fun to watch skiers than it is to ski myself. We had a treacherous drive through bad weather in the mountains on Thursday night, which was made worse by Mason's getting sick in the car, and another snowstorm hit late Saturday night, but Mason's delight at seeing abundant, real snow for the first time was priceless.

All of the wedding festivities went swimmingly and my brother married a lovely woman who is a perfect match for him. Mason was cute in his wedding attire of a navy blazer and khakis and was a real trooper, considering he was fighting a stomach bug. Vail is like a little Christmas town, nestled among the mountains and constantly covered in a fresh, thick, blanket of white. We loved it. And I didn't miss those fickle, late-blooming blossoms much at all.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

strange sickness

This never happens.
Oi vey. Mason has had the strangest sickness for nearly a week. Very late last Wednesday night, he threw up. All day Thursday, he was fine--no fever, played normally, and ate less than usual, but still ate. Thursday night as we drove through the mountains to Vail, he threw up again. One more round of puking on Friday morning and a tiny bit on Friday night. Nothing on Saturday, the day of my brother's wedding, thank goodness. Sick again on Sunday morning. Keep in mind that through all of this, he's had no fever and has been as happy and talkative as ever. He plays his little heart out and still asks for food and drinks, even though he doesn't consume his usual quantities.

Things really got crazy very late Sunday night as he threw up all over his little bed in our hotel near the Denver airport. He proceeded to get sick again Monday morning right before we boarded the plane and then all over me as our plane landed in DC. We went straight to the pediatrician's office and she basically told us to load him up with Pedialyte, which he tolerated fine on Monday evening, but then he couldn't keep it (or anything else) down on Tuesday. Oh, and he basically napped all day on Tuesday, which is the first day that he's truly acted sick (but still no fever!).

Since when do stomach bugs last longer than 24 hours? Has your child experienced anything like this?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

blossoms or bust

The cherry blossoms peaked two weeks early last year, and this year, they're late. Brad, Mason, and I braved frigid wind last Saturday morning to check the status of the trees, most of which still boasted closed, purple buds. The weather was a little warmer and nicer on Sunday evening when we went back, and we saw three or four trees that had bloomed, so we made sure to get a picture.

In Brad's and my 12 years of living in DC, I don't think we've ever missed seeing the cherry trees in full bloom, but this year may be our first as we all leave town later today for my brother's wedding in Colorado. I braved the crowds again on Tuesday morning with a friend and five children in tow (three of them under age two!), and we were happily rewarded with lush, pink blossoms as far as we could see.

But Brad had to work, so he missed out. Now, I'm plotting on how we can squeeze in a quick trip to the Tidal Basin on our way to the airport later this afternoon to get that much desired family picture at peak bloom. What I go through for these fickle beauties!

Friday, April 5, 2013

100,000 miles

My 2003 Mitsubishi Gallant, which Brad and I have owned for more than 10 years, hit 100,000 miles recently. In one year, I've barely put 3,000 miles on it, and most of those occurred when I was still commuting to College Park regularly for work. At that rate, this car may just last forever.

This car runs fine and it's paid for, so I have no intentions of giving it up anytime soon, especially when I rarely drive it. I have been driving for 23 years (what?!) and I've had three cars. Brad's had three cars in his 21 years of driving. I guess we both hang on to cars long past their prime. Mason may just inherit a 2003 Gallant once he starts driving!

How many cars have you had in your driving years? How many miles did you push your car to before you gave it up?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

pretend goodbyes

For more than two months now, Mason has been in the most adorable stage of pretending. He cooks--and tastes--his pretend dinner as I prepare our real dinner. He waters the plants every morning with his empty water cup. He reads stories to his stuffed animals. He picks pretend flowers on our living room floor and gardens in my herb bed, sprinkling imaginary seeds all over.

Watching Mason's imagination explode is both thrilling and tender, but his most recent pretend game nearly breaks my heart.

Mason saunters into the kitchen, usually while I'm cooking dinner. He plays for a bit, and then makes a huge deal out of saying goodbye. He waves and loudly says "buh bye" over and over and over until I catch on and respond with the following:

"Oh, are you taking a trip?"

"Where are you going?"

"Have fun!"

"Travel safely!"

"I'll miss you!"

"I love you!"

"Will you please come back to visit?"

He always responds "yeah" to my last question, runs off, and then returns about five seconds later, only to begin the charade again.

My sweet boy dreams of one day being independent enough to go someplace on his own, which is a very good thing, even though it kind of tears up my heart to contemplate the day when he will leave me.

Monday, April 1, 2013

kites and eggs

We swung by the Blossom Kite Festival on this past gorgeous Saturday and now I long to do two things: learn how to fly a kite and reread The Kite Runner.

We also dabbled in Easter festivities/activities, which resulted in a realization about myself that I've long known but have never admitted: I am not a "holiday" person, meaning that I just don't get into them. Yes, I can plan and prepare a holiday meal, which I enjoy doing. But pressure me to buy perfect gifts, come up with novel crafts, partake in expected visits and outings and you will find me stressed and unhappy. Our egg dying effort flopped. (I remember shoddy dye jobs from childhood. Why are eggs so hard to color?) We missed the two Easter egg hunts/celebrations in our neighborhood because they both fell right during Mason's nap and I refused to sacrifice my boy's sleep (and the rest of our day with his inevitable bad mood). Easter Sunday was cold and rainy, nixing our idea of creating our own outdoor egg hunt in the shadow of the Capitol. (How cool would those pictures have been?) For the second year in a row, we struck out in the lottery for tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll.

But we did have two successes. Before we took Mason downstairs on Easter morning, we read him the Easter story from the bible and then, for the umpteenth time, we told him about Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross for us. Then, we praised and thanked God for his mercy on us, who in no way deserve it. After the prayer, Mason signed for "more". We said, "More prayer?" He said, "Yeah." So, we prayed a little longer. And, per Mason's request, we prayed for Duckie (his duckie lovey) and Blankie, too.

Then, we took Mason downstairs where he embarked on an egg hunt all over our first floor and had an absolute ball. He totally got it and found every egg that we hid. This was the first real fun he's seemed to have on a holiday, making it downright enjoyable for Brad and me, too.

My holiday motto from now on? Keep it simple and focus on the true reason for the day. Stay off of Pinterest. Avoid friends and acquaintances who are holiday divas. I will never be able to keep up with them, and I will never be happy trying to.