Friday, March 29, 2013

fresh breath for toddlers

Mason loves to carry around small bottles that he can shake and make noise with. I've filled a couple of empty pill bottles with rice or beans, but he adores the container of cinnamon sticks, and when he recently opened it and began sucking/chewing on one of the sticks, I realized this "toy's" true benefit: these sticks freshen his breath!

Sure, it looks a little like he has a brown cigarette in his mouth--not the image I want for my toddler--but his breath smells so fresh and good, just like he's been chewing Big Red gum! I admit that I encouraged his sucking on the cinnamon stick after he recently gobbled a healthy portion of some garlicky pasta salad, and I was gladly rewarded with sweet, cinnamon kisses before nap time.

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