Monday, March 4, 2013

babysitter baffles

I don't need babysitters often. Thankfully, Mason can accompany me most places and I am blessed with a strong network of other stay-at-home moms who are willing to swap childcare when last minute needs arise. I've never struggled to find a babysitter either, despite my little grump's occasional unfriendliness and frequent mommy clinginess, but I have had some strange things happen with a couple of sitters.

One afternoon, I left Mason in our home in the care of our next door neighbor, a college student, and someone we've known for years. Brad came home in the evening, after the sun had set, to find Mason and the sitter in the living room in almost complete darkness, except for the glare from her laptop screen. Mason hovered near the window--probably attracted to the street light--sobbing. The sitter barely looked up from her screen when Brad came in--you see, she had a ton of school work that was due. Even though I usually err on the side of providing too many instructions, I didn't realize I had to be explicit about two things: we're paying you to be attentive to our child and please turn on the living room light when it gets dark!

After another sitter left, I got Mason up from his nap to find a take-and-toss straw sippy cup, like this,

that was (initially) full of milk in his crib. Unsurprisingly, the milk had leaked all over his crib mattress, sleep sack, and blankets. Mason slept with his head in a pool of milk, resulting in crusty and smelly hair. How he managed to sleep nearly three hours under those conditions, I have no idea. In her defense, perhaps she accidentally left the cup of milk on the crib's ledge, and he reached up and pulled it into the crib with him--that's entirely possible. But the thought of her laying him down with a cup that obviously leaks blows my mind.

Do I always need to state the obvious? Yes, it seems, I do.

What babysitter baffles have you experienced? How did you handle them?

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Sarah said...

I told the sitter to turn on a white noise machine for Little Miss when she goes to bed. We came home to our little girl fast loud MUSIC! Wrong button, wrong machine. I hope I didn't offend the sitter with the utterly confused look on my face! :) At least Little Miss slept right through it!