Monday, February 4, 2013

the beloved blond shag

My baby was born with just a smidgeon of hair.

But something miraculous occurred by his first birthday: his hair had not only grown out and turned the color of butter, it had naturally formed its own style.

And now, at almost 17 months, Mason has a little shag do. I haven't cut his hair yet--I can't bear to. I love the way it has grown over his ears.

Of course, bed head can be a real problem.

But a little water on his hairbrush works wonders.

I prefer the wind-blown and tousled look myself.

I keep telling Brad that shag hairdos for little boys are all the rage. I'm not sure he believes me.

How long did you hold out before cutting your little one's hair? And why is that first haircut so painful for Mama?


Lisa said...

By the time my oldest son was 9 months old he had a full head of copper colored hair that was very thick and growing over his eyes. Even though I dressed him in very masculine clothes strangers would ask me why I didn't "put a bow in her hair" to hold it out of his eyes. I finally bit the bullet and had it cut when his ped told me it could affect his vision. I took him to the barber while he was napping and they got most of it trimmed up while he was asleep.

Jen V said...

Granted, I have a girl, but she still hasn't felt hair scissors on her wispy curls. I can't bear to do it. I never thought I would be like that, but alas, I am. Besides, I'm afraid she won't have any more of those sweet curls once I cut her hair.