Monday, January 7, 2013

perpetual hope

A couple times, I've mentioned Brad's childhood friend and his wife who have suffered repeated pregnancy losses. Well, praise God that their healthy daughter was born on the last day of 2012!

This little miracle was their 11th pregnancy. Yes, that's right. Over five years, they have suffered 10 miscarriages. In fact, just days after 2012 began, they experienced the end of their 10th, and potentially their last, pregnancy. As I understand it, they had gone through comprehensive testing and their doctors proffered few explanations, let alone solutions. With every loss, medically speaking, their chances for success decreased. Their dream of becoming parents seemed hopeless.

Yet, they did not lose hope. I barely know them, but with their working in ministry, I assumed that they have a relationship with the Lord. But the many ways that they have stepped out in faith during these long years of wanting a child have truly humbled me. They courageously announced each pregnancy within days of finding out. They widely shared the good news, after losses, that they could try again. After ectopic and molar pregnancies, and countless D&Cs, they braved the same doctors and examination tables time and time again. They embraced each pregnancy with the intention to enjoy every moment of it. I don't know them well or see them often enough to have witnessed the sad days, tears, fears, anger, questioning, and anxiety, but I'm sure that they experienced at least some of those emotions. However, as an outsider, what I do see is them joyfully trusting in God's sovereign plan and perfect timing. What an encouragement. And praise God for showing himself faithful yet again.

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H.M. said...

I just suffered a miscarriage over Christmas break. I can't imagine going through 10. That's heartbreaking.
I'm very happy for them that they finally got their miracle. I bet that was the best New Year's Eve ever!