Friday, January 18, 2013

outsmarting my son

Mason loves bread. Anything bread-based or bread-like--sandwiches, pizza, pasta, tortillas, stuffing, waffles, cake, etc.--is a win. Add cheese and I've hit the jackpot.

Mason eats a slice of whole-wheat toast most mornings with his fruit and yogurt, and he (barely) eats the crusts, but disdains the heel pieces of the loaf. Not one to waste anything, I've finally come up with a way to sneak the heels by him: I turn the heel side inward on grilled sandwiches that I sometimes make him for lunch. He never knows the difference! (I've also started adding spinach or arugula to his grilled turkey and swiss or ham and cheese sandwiches, along with a little honey mustard. Yes,  sneaking things by my boy has begun in earnest.)

If you are also a heel snob, but hate wasting perfectly good food, consider this trick. You really can't tell the difference and grilled sandwiches are yummy!


Anonymous said...

Cadet loves bread too! Pancakes are a real favorite! And he loves cheese. I make something called "cheesy batons", which are essentially grilled cheese sticks...with some basil and a bit of tomato.

So, is it something about this age that they love cheese and bread so much?

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

MM what a great way to sneak in veggies :) Thanks for sharing :)