Friday, January 4, 2013

new basil

Have you seen the basil in a bag at your local grocery store? I recently bought one for $2.99 in the produce section at Harris Teeter. It is a live basil plant with dirt and roots. The instructions say to put it in a cup in a windowsill and change the water daily.

It's been two weeks now and my little plant is still fresh and thriving. This solution is much better than buying the tiny, overpriced container of fresh basil that gets moldy in just a few days. And I'm hoping that a few of these darling plants will get me through until my herb garden is up and thriving again in the spring. But it seems too good to be true. How long will this little plant last? Has anyone had luck with them?

1 comment:

becky fleeson said...

i inevitably forget to change the water over a weekend and it withers into black leaves of darkness and death...but you have a much greener thumb than I do! Still a great deal and I'll keep trying to keep them alive longer with ever new plant!