Monday, January 14, 2013

car sickness

The first time Mason threw up in the car, I thought it was a fluke. He didn't have a fever. He wasn't at all sick. He ran around and ate normally within minutes of its occurrence. The second time it happened, only a week or so later, we had just arrived on campus at my former employer. I was giving a presentation in the class I used to teach. Some of my former students had agreed to watch Mason. Of course, as luck would have it, I had no change of clothes or Mason, or even a blanket or rag to use to clean him up. I hauled him to a bathroom in the closest academic building I could find, stripped him, washed his shirt and pants, which were drenched, by the way, in the sink, tried to dry him and his clothes with paper towels the best I could, and took him to the presentation with me, wet and both of us smelling like vomit. My former students were great sports about it, but I'm sure they said to each other, "Rebecca left her amazing job with us for that?!"

I told them that parenthood was far from glamorous, but it's absolutely the best thing in the world. I'm not sure they believed me.

Now, I drive with the windows cracked and the temperature as cool as we can stand, but I'm still paranoid each time Mason and I get into the car. So, with our pediatrician's blessing, we're turning his carseat around, even though he's still eight months from turning two. I hope that facing forward will nix this carsickness, but I'm still nervous about it.

When did you turn your toddler's seat around? Did you make it to the recommended age of two? And does anyone have any tips for dealing with carsickness?


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Well, my kids were born in the olden days when you turned the car seats around promptly at age 1! (So funny how quickly things change, right?) We dealt with this with Lucas for a bit, but he grew out of it (whew!). Best advice is to not feed him 1 hour prior to a car trip. I know that can be hard, though, especially since there are already all kinds of other schedule constraints. My other piece of advice is to keep a clean shirt for YOU in the diaper bag! Even just a plain black t-shirt will nearly always work in a pinch. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

We are dealing with car sickness with Emily (almost 3); it only started last summer. We moved her to the middle seat, so she can see out the front of the car, and we also never let her travel on an empty stomach. Her problems always seemed to occur close to dinner time, when she was hungry. So she always has a small snack before or during a trip. We haven't had any issues since making these adjustments, and we traveled with Sea-Bands on our trip to TN. We turned both girls around just after their first birthdays (with Emily the recommendation to wait had been made, but she was so unhappy that I determined I would be a safer driver without the distraction of a screaming child).

kerryandtorey said...

We turned H around right around her first birthday. The news came out to keep them rear-facing until 2 after we had turned her around and I was not going to turn her backwards because she had stopped screaming in the car because she could actually see stuff :-) I felt it was safer for us all to be less tense in the car! Best of luck, hope it makes the sickness better.

Amy Hill said...

We were in the olden days of when they were 1 year old, too. Keep a change of clothes for Mason in your diaper bag. And I always kept a box of wipes in the car just in case.

What was your presentation on?