Monday, December 31, 2012

holiday meal recap

Ahhh, the goose. I soaked the bird in a brine mixture for 24 hours, which I think helped it retain moisture. The skin was brown and tasty--I had to prick the goose's flesh all over before baking it, which drained unnecessary fat and made the skin crispier. I ordered an 8-9 pound bird and ended up with a 12-pounder, but we didn't have excessive leftovers, so it worked out fine. Also, I didn't know this but geese are solely dark meat. We enjoyed it, but that's a consideration if you or guests are die-hards for white meat.

The goose was easy to prepare, cook, and carve, but was more expensive than I had anticipated. (I also got shafted by the butcher, but that's a story for a different day.) Overall, the goose was a hit and I would cook one again. But I think I'll try something else, like rack of lamb, for my next holiday meal.

On another note, my marvelous knockout roses are still in bloom, so I clipped several and scattered them around my holiday table. They brightened up my ordinary table, and were much prettier than the overpriced greenery that the florist at Eastern Market tried to sell me!

I hope your holiday meals were tasty!

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