Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Two years ago, I dreamed of it. This year, I'm doing it! We're staying put for Christmas and I'm serving goose. And chestnut stuffing. And a sampling of English puddings straight from London. (My mom just spent a few weeks there and is bringing them with her when she and my dad visit for Christmas.)

I plan to make our usual Christmas meal, rare beef tenderloin, on New Year's Eve. But until then, I'm all about the goose!

What do you plan to serve this Christmas?

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Anonymous said...

This year, for the first time, we're switching things up. Usually, Christmas dinner is a close cousin of Thanksgiving (turkey, dressing, cranberries...). However, this year, we're doing a ham. I don't particularly like ham, but we wanted to try something different.

I've had goose only once, and it was amazing. I wish you the best in your culinary adventures!