Monday, November 5, 2012

running again

Brad and I are running again!

Until three weeks ago, I had run exactly one time since last spring's Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. Sad, I know. But goodbye hot weather. Farewell breastfeeding. Good riddance full-time job outside the home. All of my excuses for not running have vanished. I have an awesome jogging stroller, free time in the early mornings now, and live in a beautiful, running friendly city. It's time to get back out there (even though it does involve getting up at 5:30 AM most mornings--ugh)!

Brad and I each run alone two mornings during the week while the other one cares for Mason. We enjoy Fridays off. On Saturdays when we don't have plans, we take Mason with us on family runs.

I'm not running far, or fast, but starting off a couple days a week with a few minutes alone while getting my blood flowing in the crisp fall air is good for all parts of me: body, heart, mind, and soul.


Amy- Taylors East said...

Yay! I just started back about a month ago. You should sign up for a Turkey Trot :)

Becky Fleeson said...

way to go! How exciting. I need to get back into my habit of running too! This was a huge encouragement, and I like your weekday trade-off! You two make a great team!