Monday, October 15, 2012

on weaning, continued

Breastfeeding in our house has officially come to an end. September 30th was my self-imposed deadline to stop, and I've stuck to it. I miss the nursing sessions like I miss feeling Baby's (aka Mason's) nudges, pokes, and kicks during pregnancy. A small part of me will yearn for those experiences for a while, perhaps forever. They are some of life's most special seasons--all mind blowing, humbling, and incredibly fleeting.

Mason balked when we first began the weaning process in early August, but by the end, he was so used to bottles, he barely noticed that nursing had ended. Although it initially hurt my feelings, I'm glad he took to cows' milk as easily as he did.

Weaning him from the bottle, however, has proven extremely difficult. Wouldn't you know it that he finally learned to hold his bottle and feed himself only about a week or two before we took the bottle away? (Having few bottles these past six months, since we pulled him out of daycare, he's never had a consistent string of bottles with which to learn.) How convenient to put Mason and his bottle in the stroller and he could feed himself! I was sad to give that up. He's a little messier with the sippy cup.

This past Friday, Brad and I went cold turkey and put away all the bottles. We explained the situation to him, and geared up for a battle. He not only refused any sippy cup (with milk or water) all day, he grew downright angry each time a sippy cup even crossed his line of vision, almost as if he were insulted by the mere sight of it. You can see in the picture below that by Saturday (day 2), things weren't much better. (Side note: poor timing on our parts with trying to wean him from the bottle and take our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, all in the same weekend. It was a little much for all of us.)

Even by the end of Saturday, he was still a wreck.

On Sunday (day 3), he took sporadic sips of milk from the sippy cup during the day, which gave us hope! But then Mason got angry again and had a complete meltdown when offered milk in the sippy cup at bedtime. We'll see what my bullheaded boy pulls today (day 4). He can't hold out that much longer. Or can he?

Does anyone else have a stubborn child like mine?


Susannah said...

We had the same problem with Wesley. My sister had luck with Harper by putting a bit of strawberry flavoring into the sippy cup so that she was taken with the flavor. And then over the following days decreasing the amount until you're left with just milk. Wesley just took a little while but is now okay with it (I think PB bread, so good with milk, helped change his mind). He still doesn't drink as much as he did with a bottle. Anyway, good luck!

Jen V said...

J did similar things. She was a bit older than Mason when we took away her bottle. She threw herself on the floor, rolling, kicking and screaming when we offered her sippy cups with milk. I had never seen her act quite like that. She eventually accepted them, and so will little Mason. Hang in there!

Amy- Taylors East said...

Maevy took 3 days. He'll eventually want some milk bad enough to drink it from the sippy cup. Stay strong...:)

Becky Fleeson said...

I saw him sucking his thumb in the nursery on Sunday night and can't get over how cute he is! He looks so much like you both, hoping the next few days improve on the weaning front! You are doing great!