Monday, October 29, 2012

mama's boy

Tell me, are all little boys Mama's boys? Or am I just  extraordinarily blessed to have one?

Mason is in such an affectionate stage right now. He gives Brad and me open-mouth kisses and zerberts, voluntarily and on command. He reaches for and kisses pictures of us. He also enjoys smooching characters in his picture books, himself in the mirror, and other babies, so it's not all about Mama and Dada.

But much of the time, he's all about Mama. His face crinkles and lip pooches when I leave him, and he acts so sad! Mason asks for me and marches Brad all around the house to find me if I've left the room or gone upstairs without him. He will even play favorites during story time and meal time by indicating his preference for me to read to or feed him (rather than Brad). And of course, if he's hurt or really upset, no one but Mama will do.

As much as I love the attention, I don't love how Mason's actions occasionally hurt Brad's feelings. That's not acceptable at all.  But at the same time, I believe that this period of adoration is just a stage. Once Brad teaches him to play ball and do little boy things, Mason will be all about Dada. Until then, I will cherish this unconditional love and constant attention from my little man, all while making sure he gets plenty of alone time with Dada, of course.

Do you have a Mama's boy or a Dada's girl? Or what about a Mommy's girl or a Daddy's boy? And how do you keep one parent from feeling left out?


Amy- Taylors East said...

I think in general babies to toddlers favor Mom. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Kids are fickle. Maevy is still picking between us (car rides, seating, who does her name it.) Depending on the level of potential tantrum, we will cave and follow her wish. I would recommend picking some regular daily activity and if possible, alternate between Mom and Dad. We do this with Maevy's bedtime routine. We each have have our own style (Ryan's a great story teller) and it gives both Maevy and parent some quality time.

Lorelei said...

Hey! I just found your blog. Abram is totally a mama's boy just like you described. I've been told it's common until, like you said, dad brings sports into the picture.

SusanL said...

Joshua was just like that, and so is Benjamin. I'm grateful for this stage, because I know once sports start, it's all Daddy!!