Monday, September 10, 2012

the fix-it pile

What do you do when your necklace breaks or the hem of your pants rips out? Shove the necklace in a drawer and the pants in the back of your closet? Or are you one of those people who whips out a needle and thread and fixes the pants right away?

I wish I were the latter. Sadly, items that break are the downfall to my mostly organized and clutter-free style of living. I will wear pants for months without a button, while said button rests on my nightstand, taunting me about my lack of motivation to sew it back on.

Mason's entering a destructive phase, and the pile of broken items has grown. To avoid losing my mind and my house being overrun with bits and pieces of items stuffed here and there, I've devised a new strategy:
1. Decide of the item is worth fixing and keeping or if it should just be thrown out immediately.
2. If it's worth keeping, I will place the item and all its parts in the "fix-it pile", located on the kitchen counter where I can't ignore or forget it.
3. Make fixing the item a priority on my to-do list. (Yes, I'm still a slave to the to-do list, even as a SAHM.)
4. Everything in the fix-it pile must be repaired by Friday of each week, or the items get thrown out on the weekend. No exceptions.

My fix-it pile this week consisted of a broken refrigerator magnet (Mason's fault), a page ripped out of a book (Mason's fault), and a button that popped off of my shorts (my fault). Once I made myself sit down and do it, I only spent about five minutes repairing all three items.

Motivation is 90% of the battle sometimes.

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love the kitchen counter part. I am the worst about not fixing things for yeras. And your right- once you sit down to do it- it really only takes a few minutes!