Tuesday, September 4, 2012

more consignment shopping

My boy will not have to go naked this fall because I hit up the Wee-Sale again. With one consignment sale under my belt, I felt like an expert this round. This year's fall sale conveniently occurred when my parents were visiting, so I left Mason home with them. (Thank goodness! Strollers and walking children are not allowed the first morning of the sale, and I haven't hauled Mason in the Ergo in months.) I arrived early and once inside, I made a beeline for the boutique, Gymboree, and regular clothing sections, in that order. My priority for these sales has always been clothes, but there are enough toys and gear there to keep you browsing for hours.

I found some high-end, never worn pieces for very cheap, but I stood in line for 90+ minutes to pay. (And I was in the cash only line, which moves faster than the credit card line!) Next time, I hope to consign, which will not only allow me to shop before the sale opens and the masses descend, but if my items sell, I'll make some money back.

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