Friday, September 14, 2012

getting out

Mommy and me classes abound. Want to sing, dance, create, or exercise, all while bonding with your little one? Weekday and weekend offerings suit the availability of both stay-at-home and working moms, and flexible schedules cater to even the most unpredictable nappers.

One day, Mason and I may indulge in one of these treats, but at $15-$20 a pop, these classes are not in our current budget. I haven't even forked over the $5 to attend Boogie Babes at Eastern Market (although I want to--we just haven't gotten to it yet).

Instead, we are taking advantage of our magnificent city's free offerings. We stroll along our quaint neighborhood's bumpy brick sidewalks to frequent at least one park every day. I've started an unofficial weekly picnic group with some of Mason's baby friends and their mommies. Story time at the Library of Congress can't be beat. We took advantage of the pool this summer (free to DC residents!) and a local spray ground. And we've barely been to the National Mall and the Smithsonian and all of the offerings there. You know you live in a kid friendly city when even the zoo is free!

Once Mason gets older and I'm no longer a slave to his nap schedule, I hope to take advantage of the offerings posted on KidFriendly DC. In the meantime, as the air turns crisp and those early morning nursing sessions come to an end, we have one priority for the fall: resuming a regular running schedule--good for both of us and guess what? It's free!

What are your favorite activities to do with babes?

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