Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fern's surgery

Gentle Readers, it's been a while since I mentioned her, but do you remember my beloved house plant, Fern? Just to recap, she grew too tall for our living room, I chopped her off, and her son Sprout appeared in the pot about 10 months later.

Fern and Sprout are thriving.

And as you can see, Fern is now too tall for our living room again. Our ceiling is ten feet tall and her upper leaves cluster against it. She's growing crooked.

So Fern went under the knife again. I went a little crazy this time and really hacked her off, hoping that this surgery will last longer than three years. 

I severed Fern, replanted her in a new pot, and then I cut a large piece off of her remaining stump, and replanted it in the original pot. I am hoping and praying for twin sprouts this time!

Late next spring or early summer, I'll be on the lookout for green in the pot, another miracle plant, or perhaps two!


Rachel Weatherly said...

Can I please give you my plants? They would be in much better hands.

Carol C said...

You're so sympathetic towards Fern that you'll end up with a forest in the living room! Good luck with the grand kids!