Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I've been nervous about the first birthday festivities since before Mason arrived. The politics of when, where, what, and who can be overwhelming. Thankfully, it all worked out fine and we've been celebrating Mason's birthday for weeks now. The grandparents each had their "birthday day" with him when they visited last month to care for Mason during my final two weeks in the office. I loved this arrangement and I think that they enjoyed it, too. Last Saturday, Brad and I had a cookout for a few of Mason's closest peeps and their mommies and daddies. On Monday (Mason's actual birthday), Brad took the day off work and we took Mason to the zoo. What a special day reminiscing about the past year!

For Mason's little cookout, I kept things simple. I made cupcakes and used my mini-bundt pans to make him a smash cake. The cake/cupcake stand was made from covering some old boxes with scraps from extra disposable table cloths.

I selected a picture from each month of his life, and made a birthday banner. It stretched the width of our yard. (This should tell you how narrow Capitol Hill row houses, and their yards, are.)

It was a beautiful day, so the party, and the inevitable mess, remained outside. What a blessing to have a September baby! May we always host Mason's birthday parties outside. This new revelation that parties (and the messes) can be outdoors makes being pregnant during last year's sweltering summer worth it.

Of course being pregnant all summer long was totally worth it. Look at that face. On a side note, my hungry boy did not hesitate at all with his cake. He knew just what to do. He dove right in and scooped handfuls of icing into his mouth until I took it away from him. He saw the sloppy mess on the counter later, and gestured and lunged for it, ready for round two!

I can't believe this first year is over. We've survived!

Although I'm mourning not having a baby any longer, I am eagerly anticipating Mason's new tricks in the coming months. Can't wait to experience the fun that life with a toddler brings!

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Meg said...

Love the idea of the pictures! We're doing a joint party for our kiddoes next weekend, and i think I'll use that idea...maybe not 48 for every month of Caleb's life, though!