Friday, August 17, 2012

baby days

Mason is 11 months old today! And these baby days are rapidly drawing to a close.

While on vacation, Mason decided that he was ready to walk while holding on to our index fingers, and he's been marching around since then. He's never really crawled (unless occasional Army crawling counts), and he's no longer content sitting on the floor and playing with toys or even standing at the couch and cruising along the furniture. He wants to walk. And because he can't do it completely on his own yet, he needs my index fingers to get around. (We're still building competence with the push toy.) Thank goodness my work-from-home days are over! I don't know how I'd get anything done during his awake time now.

A vocal baby since birth, Mason babbles all the time these days. He says Dada, Mama, and hi, and understands the meaning of so many more words (that he can't say yet). He follows simple commands and the combination of his high energy and quick temper is starting to get him in trouble. He loves books, meals, water-related activities, and anything outdoors. And his pouty lip when we leave and unleashed exuberance and sweet kisses when we return fills Brad's and my days with a joy beyond what we knew existed.

I miss the cozy baby days, but I love my big boy's snappy personality and budding independence. However, I am in no way emotionally ready to celebrate Mason's first birthday. For the next 31 days, I will smooch and cuddle my baby as much as he will let me, before I have to admit that he's a toddler.

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Rachel Weatherly said...

I had so much fun with him at the wedding! It was good to catch up with you guys, too. Hope we'll see you again soon.