Tuesday, July 31, 2012

project catch up

Before Mason arrived, I felt on top of daily/weekly/monthly tasks, at least most of the time. I was the queen of productivity and efficiency. And now, I constantly wonder when, or if, I will ever catch up on anything. Scrambling around at the last minute used to be a rarity for me, and now it's become the norm.

It's been months since I wrote a meaningful post on this blog and my excuse is not a lack of content. I haven't finished a book in time for my book club's meetings since Mason arrived. We've even changed our meeting schedule to every other month and I STILL can't finish a darn book! I've completely fallen off the running circuit, although I still aspire to run another marathon one day.

So, what is filling my time these days besides loving on my sweet boy? I'm still working full-time, albeit 100% from home. I turn into Superwoman each day during Mason's naps--firing off emails and working on projects. The good news is that my replacement has been hired and my official last day is August 24th. When I gave notice in early March, I had no idea that Mason would be three weeks shy of his first birthday before I would be officially done working. Balancing work with caring for Mason during the day has been tricky, but I'm thankful that this arrangement was not only possible, but it worked out for us. Hanging on to my salary and benefits these extra months have been a blessing and getting to work from home, in varying degrees, these past five months have meant that I've missed very little time with Mason. What a delightful age to be with him so much! This time with him has made me wonder why maternity leave can't begin once babies turn six months old--they turn into such fun and interesting little people at that age, and each new development elicits even more wonder and awe.

I've also been spending more time with my husband. Brad and I linger over dinner each night after Mason's gone to bed. It's taken us a while, but we've finally resumed our former practice of daily quiet time when we read scripture and pray together. We also just try to hang out and relax together a little more, rather than busying ourselves with chores. (It's amazing how difficult this is for two task-masters like us.) Being more intentional about our limited time alone together has been good for both of us and our marriage on multiple levels. Life has changed. But we're both feeling like we're finally coming up from being submerged in a deep ocean. 

My house is dusty and my yard is an overgrown jungle. I'm reading very little and not running at all. I keep telling myself that I'll begin "project catch up" after my last day of work on August 24th. I'll have unlimited free time then as an official stay-at-home-mom. Right?


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Jennifer said...

I'm sure you will feel some relief after juggling work and stay-at-home parenting for so long! It sounds like you have really been focusing on the important things in life (relationships) and letting go of some of the small things.