Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the prince and the pea

Mason quickly flew through the purees and showed interest in finger foods, so I introduced them recently. He can pick up most items, but doesn't understand to put them in his mouth, which is baffling to me. Anything else goes straight to his mouth. Why not food?

I had the grand idea to pick and cook peas from my garden and feed them to him whole, or slightly mushed. He loved pureed peas! But no matter what other food I buried the whole/mushed peas in, he would sense a pea was there, roll it around on his tongue, and spit it out at me. Every single time.

So I took the rest of the peas and pureed them to a pretty chunky consistency (with no water added) and now he wolfs them down like candy.

Maybe it was a texture thing? At least my homegrown peas did not go to waste. Score one for Mommy!

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AMRJ said...

Better be careful - in my experience, peas and boys don't mix. I distinctly remember my little brother taking peas and jamming them up his nose. Then, very proudly proclaiming to the room "Look at the green stuff up my nose!" then dissolving into a fit of laughter. Needless to say, it took a doctor to extract said peas - and even the doctor was impressed about the number of them my brother managed to fit up there! :)