Friday, June 15, 2012

handy dandy

I've rarely washed out and reused resealable bags because I struggled to find a way to completely dry them. But, now I've found a solution!

I love being able to use a bottle drying rack for another purpose, especially now that I'm dealing with fewer bottles. And I REALLY love reusing most resealable bags, especially the big ones!


Red Stethoscope said...

I'm kind of happy to realize that The Lawyer and I aren't the only ones who recycle bags (and we did it independently before meeting one another). I usually open them up over the bottom of a glass in the dish rack and that seems to work well. The Lawyer has a tile backsplash, which he uses to "stick" one side of the wet bag to. It doesn't seem like this would work, but the other side (magically) stays open while it dries.

SD Dad said...

We made one from dowel rods with wood knobs on the ends of them, so you are not alone