Tuesday, June 26, 2012

everything else can wait

When I was on maternity leave, a college friend sent me a congratulatory email on Mason's birth. Something she wrote struck me that day, and has stuck with me since then.

"Everything else can wait."

I don't know if these words made such an impact on me because of the source (my friend is a working mom with a demanding career as an attorney and I wouldn't necessarily have expected this advice from her) or because of their simple truth, but I still try to embrace this golden nugget of wisdom, even today.

Even though I'm now with Mason pretty much around the clock, one thing I know is true: time is still racing by. He's growing up every day, right before my eyes. Each stage is more fun than the last, but also bittersweet.

And every day I realize just how many things really can wait! Becoming a parent has drastically changed my priorities, for sure.

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Great advice! And just look at that smile! Such a cutie.