Friday, April 6, 2012

rolling regression

Mason began rolling from his belly to his back when he turned 12 weeks old. He hated being on his tummy so much that he found a way off of it. Since that day, he's rarely stayed on his tummy for more than 10 seconds before rolling to his back. To date, he still hasn't rolled the other way, from back to tummy. I believe he can do it, but he doesn't want to. And no amount of coaxing, toys, food, or whatever will motivate him to do it.

Recently, Mason had a week when he stopped rolling altogether. After being placed on his tummy, he'd lay his head face down on the blanket and sob, just like he did when he was two months old and trying to figure out how to roll. It was like he had completely forgotten what to do. This behavior scared me, partly because it came on so suddenly and partly because I had never heard of babies regressing in their skills.

I consulted Dr. Google about "rolling regression" and was quickly assured that when babies enter stages of fast development, they can temporarily "forget" previously acquired skills. Mason's cut seven teeth in nine weeks. He's learning to sit unassisted and eat from a spoon. He began jumping one day (in a standing position in someone's lap) and hasn't stopped jumping since then. His brain and body have been busy!

And then, one day, he began rolling from belly to back again, like he had never taken a break from it.

This little man is such a mystery to me sometimes. I don't worry at all about boredom once I'm home with him full-time. As soon as I get comfortable, he pulls a fast one on me.

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AMRJ said...

I love this pic of Mason. The sheer joy in his face is priceless!!