Tuesday, April 3, 2012

first race post partum

We made it! I've run no more than six times and no farther than five miles since Mason arrived, but I somehow managed to make it all 10 miles at Sunday's Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. And I only walked while drinking water at the stations.

The blossoms had long since disappeared and I ran my slowest race pace per mile ever, but no previous race experience or success can compare to having my sweet baby follow Brad and me around the race course (accompanied by his grandparents), cheering us on.

Mason's face lit up as Brad and I sprinted past him toward the finish line. As my body recovers from running 10 miles without much training, I simply think of my sweet boy's exuberance, and my achy legs and sore back don't hurt as much.


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CharCof said...

Great job, Rebecca! Way to get back out there!!!

Diane Mannina said...

Way to go!!