Monday, March 19, 2012

trial run

It's spring break! And I'm keeping Mason home with me this week. We haven't spent a work week home alone together since December--I consider this week a trial run of my new gig. We'll see how exhausted I am by Friday night!


Caitlin said...

Good luck! I'm definitely exhausted this way, but at least I'm exhausted from spending all day with the kids and on our house instead of coming home exhausted and trying to squeeze everything else in. Plus you'll get to spend time with Mason before he is melting down for bed time which is going to feel great.

Heather Nelson said...

Have fun! And it's perfectly legal to take a power nap while Mason is down for his nap. One of the many benefits to your "new" job. ;-)

Susannah said...

I see why I was confused yesterday. My quick read of this left me thinking that you were working from home with Mason for the week. SO glad you are actually just getting to spend quality time gardening, shopping, etc with him!