Friday, March 16, 2012


Four weeks later, Brad and I finally got a reservation at this year's birthday restaurant of choice: Palena. Difficulty getting a reservation bodes well for the experience, no? I'm such a sucker. Telling me that I can't have a reservation only makes me want it more.

Palena was worth the wait. Although the lights were a smidgeon too bright for my taste, the food, wine, and service were incredible. This birthday dinner was kind of a last hurrah. Yes, birthday dinners out together will continue to be our gift of choice, but big splurges on food and drinks will be rare on a single-income budget. That's okay. A Chik-fil-a sandwich and strawberry milkshake will do just fine for future birthdays.

To compensate for my spending my actual birthday throwing up, we opted for the wine pairing with our meal, something we had never done before. What a treat to sip a little wine specifically chosen for each course. The wine truly enhanced the taste of the food and vice versa.

We loved Palena and would recommend it!

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