Thursday, March 1, 2012

the hungries

Oh, my big boy is famished these days. From his first night of life, when he screamed all night because my colostrum failed to satisfy him, to today, nearly six months later, when he watches my every bite while opening his mouth and smacking his lips, Mason has been obsessed with food.

Just this past week, he's woken up starving in the middle of the night several times and has practically attacked me when I finally gave in and fed him. He hasn't woken up at night for hunger since he was eight weeks old.

My goal has been to start him on rice cereal on his six-month birthday. The question is, can we both hold out for 17 more days?


Jennifer said...

Don't stress about the six-month mark. We waited until Katie was six months to start her, and she was clueless about what she was supposed to do with the food. I was concerned she was never going to figure out how to eat, but she hadn't shown much interest in our food. Emily, however, was much like Mason, and eyed (and tried to grab) everything we ate. I caved and gave her rice cereal right around five months. She devoured it and screamed for more, and she's had no problems.

tnthomas1 said...
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tnthomas1 said...

I agree with Jennifer don't stress about the six month mark. I think Mason is trying to communicate that his is ready to eat. In my experience larger babies seem to need solids sooner than average/smaller babies. He will probably be happier once he gets his belly full.