Tuesday, February 21, 2012

my breast friend

Deep thoughts during my new past time:
  1. When Mason looks at me, he must see a juicy steak and a loaded baked potato.
  2. Drat! When will I learn to pay more attention? (while frantically trying to shut off the pump as one of the little snappie bottles overflows onto my pants, chair, desk, floor, you name it.)
  3. How much liquid gold did I just waste? (while frantically wiping)
  4. Will my files/office chair/desk calendar/you name it smell like sour milk forever? (still wiping)
  5. I love this, but it doesn't help my attention problem. (See deep thought #2.)
  6. Did I remember to close the blinds on my office window? Do I dare turn around to check?
  7. Did I remember to hang the do-not-disturb sign on my office door?
  8. Does so and so know what I'm doing while writing this email?
  9. Why does the UPS guy show up with a package for me while I'm pumping? Does he know what I'm in the middle of? Ew.
  10. Why does it take longer to set up and clean up than to actually pump?
  11. How can I avoid running into my boss in the community kitchen while I'm sterilizing my breast shields?
  12. Now I understand how a dairy cow feels.


Lisa said...

At UPS Corporate Headquarters we actually have a room that mothers can sign up for, and pump in privacy.

Meg said...

This is awesome! When I was working,it was me and two guys. They always knew what was going on if my door was closed. They would even grab the phones so I didn't have to. Oh, and Virginia looks at me like I'm cheating on her if sh very sees me pump.