Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 goals recap

Let's see how I did with 2011's goals.


  • Select and prepare one recipe per month that challenges me (i.e. involves an in-depth procedure or a technique or piece of equipment that is unfamiliar to me). 
I am counting this category as a win. I did conduct and blog about a recipe challenge each month. Some of the recipes could have been more challenging, but I did the best I could with a big life change

  • 400 miles
  • I'd like to work on speed this year. I'll never be a fast runner, but I slowed down a little in 2010, and I'm not happy about it. So, by July 1st, I hope to reduce my minutes/mile pace by 30 seconds/mile for my standard five-mile run before work. By December 31st, I hope to finish this standard run one minute per mile faster. 
Okay, well, neither of these goals happened. BUT, I did run 167.3 miles this year (161.3 of them while pregnant), so that counts for something.


In addition to all selections for both book clubs I'm in, I will read the following books:
SUCCESS! My detailed reading analysis will be posted soon.


ASP said...

Gooood for you! That's awesome that you logged all those miles while pregnant. Impressive in my book. You made me want to check my miles out for last year via Runkeeper and I ran 121 miles in 2010. I'm pretty proud of that considering I used to HATE running. I'm going to try to log 300 miles this inspired me! ;)

Rachel Weatherly said...

I am SO proud of you!! Way to go, Rebecca, and you DEFINITELY get credit for running. I'm still having trouble, and I'm not even preggers! Do you seriously run 5 miles before you go to work? I think I just got a leg cramp thinking about that.

Bunnie said...


your newest follower :)