Monday, December 19, 2011

Mason's room

Oh, how naive I was to think I would have all this time to finish the nursery after the baby arrived. And I'm an inexperienced seamstress, yet I genuinely believed I would not only have the time, but the talent to make some of the items for his room? Ha! Thank you, current mamas, for not laughing in my face after reading this post. Choosing a color scheme that I couldn't finalize until after the baby's arrival was a mistake I needed to make on my own.

If I had to do it all over again, I still would not find out the baby's sex, but I can totally understand now how that information would be helpful to get the room completed in advance. It's such a conundrum. But the joy of the surprise still trumps the stress of more work afterward, at least, for me it does.

Three months after Mason's arrival, his room is now as finished as it's going to get. It really has no rhyme or reason; it's a hodge podge of things I love, and hopefully he, one day, will too.

Had Mason been a girl, the room would have been accented in fuchsia. But look at that blue on the book festival poster hanging over the changing pad. Could it match the rest of his room any closer? I should have known I was having a boy--that poster, which I saw for the first time in probably July, was a hint!

Longtime readers know how much I love toile. So are you surprised that I was immediately drawn to the Central Park children's toile in cream and chocolate? The furniture and bedding (except the blue sheet) was all that I had purchased in advance of Mason's birth. Here's a closer look at the bedding.

And there's my little sweetheart, being very patient while I photographed his room.

These built-in bookshelves were already there. They are very narrow, but I found some skinny baskets to hold books and toys. I stupidly believed I could whip up the basket liners, never having even sewn three corners together in my life. My mom ended up doing them for me, and even being an experienced seamstress, it took her a long time.

And here's where we spend most of our time. Look at how the blue in the boppy cover perfectly matches the room. That boppy cover was on my registry--I chose it for its gender neutrality, but maybe way deep down inside, I knew I would have a boy.

No, I really had no idea what I was having.

One of my favorite pieces is the six-foot, round shag rug in the center of the room. Mason loves it, too. He clutches handfuls of shag and tries to eat it when doing tummy time.

Next up, a highlight of the (few) DIY projects I accomplished for this room.


Amy said...

very fun- It's look great!

Oak said...

I did the same things, I got the room fully gender neutral and then bought the accents, like the rug, wall hangings, lamps, etc after my son was born. Now with #2 and a nursery that can easily be converted to gender neutral again, do you do a boy room for your current son OR a second gender neutral nursery...ah the decisions.

Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

That's a really beautiful room! The great thing is that those colors can really grow with him...I see truck and car accents in your future :)

That's quite a book collection already -- no surprise there!

Heather Nelson said...

I love it!

ASP said...

Very, very cute! ;)

Renee said...

Mason's room looks great! Such the perfect shade of blue!

Rachel Weatherly said...

I think it looks great! BTW, I can sew a bit, so if there's something you were hoping to make,and it's within my ability, I'm happy to help. I could probably make basket liners. I've done pillows and curtains before. I even have a sewing machine. :)